Tenants – Routine Assessments

Keeping Track of the Property Condition

Every 3–4 months your property manager or another Bridgeman Property Management LLC personnel will conduct an assessment of your property and report back to the owner on the condition you are keeping the property.  We know this can seem intrusive but we have a very serious duty of care to our Owners to ensure that we actively monitor the condition of their assets

What to expect

A routine assessment is a 15-20 minute overview designed to ensure the property is being well looked after and to check on any preventative maintenance items. Please be prepared.

  • General pictures of the interior and exterior of the property will be taken.
    • Pictures are only shared between Bridgeman Property Management LLC and the property owner.
    • It is not our intention to take pictures of your personal items but this may occur. We advise you to put away any personal items you do not want to be seen in pictures.
  • The owner may inspect the property with us.
  • You do not need to be present during this assessment.

You will be assessed

When it’s time to resign or renew your lease, the owner will use the condition you have presented the property to gauge the quality of your tenancy and set new rents. This assessment and the photos we take and forward to the owner will possibly be the only information your owner has to judge the quality of your tenancy. If an owner is confident the property is being well kept, renewal terms are more likely to be favorable towards you.

How should I prepare? – Think like an owner

Think like an owner.  A little effort goes a long way and it’s best to present the property as you would want it presented if you owned it.

  1. Starting early
    As with anything in life, preparation is important. Getting an early start to ensure that your home will be ready for the assessment is the key to success. Once you know the date of the assessment, you can plan a schedule around what tasks you need to do. Clean your kitchen one day, vacuum the living area the next.

    If the property has a garden, it can be worthwhile getting started on that early. Another key step for the process that should be tackled early is ensuring that the property manager’s office has your current phone number and email address. This is so they can contact you and give the appropriate notice. If you are allowed pets and have them, it is wise to make sure they are secured and safe. It can be a good idea to let somebody look after them for the day if you can.
  2. List any issues
    A primary benefit of a routine assessment is they allow for a resident to bring up any issues that they have with the property. These issues may be looked at by the person conducting the assessment, but they are not a maintenance person and any regular maintenance still needs to be submitted as a maintenance request through the maintenance site. They may however take notes and evaluate the problem in order to address the issues with the maintenance person directly.
    While some repairs are the landlord’s responsibility, if the resident, occupant or guests caused any damages, the repairs will be charged to the resident. Be sure to make a list of any issues that you do have before the property is assessed so that any repairs or upkeep can be actioned quickly.
  3. Proper clean
    Cleaning kitchen and bathroom grit, sweeping and vacuuming, dusting and everything that comes between should be at the top of your list when preparing for a routine assessment.

    While it may not need to shine like a diamond, a well cleaned property will impress a property manager while the assessment is taking place. This can put you in good standing with them if you would like to maintain living there and want the lease agreement renewed. A resident should be cleaning on a regular basis and should not need to be prompted to do so by a routine assessment though.
  4. Don’t stress
    Routine assessments are a natural way for investors and property managers to see how the property is going and being maintained. If a resident has done nothing wrong and hasn’t damaged the property in any way, there should be nothing to worry about. In most cases, an assessment won’t take longer than 10 minutes.

Grading A-D

Your assessment will be graded A (Excellent) – D (Not acceptable) and this grade will be conveyed to the owner. Our goal for you , A+ class assessment.

A+ Excellent

Excellent – you have taken care & prepared the property fit for the owner to Assess.

A - Good

Effort has been put in lawns mowed, gardens clean and tidy, beds all made, house is tidy, bits and pieces have been put away, and floors clean.

B - Pass

Tenants have made an effort in the assessment however beds not made,dishes not put away or gardens and lawns are not looking fantastic etc.

C - Borderline

Limited effort for the assessment, the property is technically “acceptable” but needs work i.e.; lawns not mowed, cleaning not done, beds not made or dishes not clean etc. A Lease Violation may be sent and tenant repairs done at tenants expense. (Any tenant who rates a C will be educated to our expectations and if the level does not improve it is unlikely the lease would be renewed)

D- Failed

This assessment was not acceptable. Formal action will be taken and Lease Violation notice will be issued. Tenant repairs may be done at tenants expense and lease may not renewed. Please contact your property manager for more information.

Pets – We love them but some don’t love us

We love pets but your pet is your responsibility. You need to ensure your pet is secured so your property manager has free access to inspect the property. If we are unable to inspect the property as a result of an unsecured pet you will be charged a $69 re-inspect fee.

$69 change fee

Our assessments are grouped together by area so unfortunately we are unable to amend the dates and times without considerable cost. Should you wish to book a customized assessment at an amended date or time this can be arranged at a cost of $69. Please contact your Property Manager should you wish to arrange this.

This assessment is not full maintenance assessment

It is not designed to pick up any maintenance that may be required. Please log all maintenance online by accessing the links available on the Property Maintenance and Troubleshooting Page. We are happy to discuss and photograph maintenance during this assessment.  However, it is a requirement of the lease agreement that all maintenance must be submitted in writing.  We cannot accept maintenance requests during your routine assessments.